TYPOLOGY: Shelving System
STRUCTURE: Steel, blackened or bronzed
CABINETRY: 3/4" Solid Oak or Walnut

More than a display, an architectural construction, T-Shelving offers the maximum flexibility of a modular storage system and the elegance of an handcrafted book shelving.
A minimal design and clean lines to create a sleek shelving system ideal for high-end retail as well as a living space.
The shelves are integrated with a uniform, minimal light system that guarantees the perfect condition for displaying goods. At the base a masterfully handcrafted cabinet gives balance to the whole composition.

Available in a main standard size with the possibility to personalize completely the module according to the client requests.

TSC70     450D x 700W(mm) - 18D x 27.5W(in)
TSCST     Module Lenght up to 1400 mm (55 in) - Depth up to 600 mm (24 in)

The solid wood cabinetry, oak or walnut, is offered in natural, sanded or stained finish.
Structure in powder coated or bronzed steel